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We are a humble couple who enjoys food. Together we make the perfect team to create unique and classic comfort food within the bounds and limitations of dreaded food allergies.

 I (the Allergy Girl) have always been sensitive or allergic to so many foods and have struggled with lots of health issues. Name the diet, I've tried it. I'm not just allergic to the todays "normal" gluten, dairy, I'm also allergic to tomatoes, coconut, nectarines, peaches, duck, white fish, bamboo shoots, shell fish, apples. kiwis, lime, hazel nuts, chilis, malt vinegar, and cauliflower. I feel like every day my body rejects food more and more and its a constant battle to keep my pallet exciting. Pretty crazy, right? I also have to avoid or limit certain foods like soy (it messes with your hormones), too much sugar (prone to skin issues, etc), the list goes on. 

I grew up with what one might call all natural, organic health-nut parents and my mom made everything from scratch. When I say health-nut I mean my mom would spend 4 hours in a grocery store reading and researching each ingredient. I managed to pick up and inherit my parents cooking skills and honed in on it as my list of available foods grew shorter and shorter. and then I met Nate...

I (The Chef) have always been passionate about cooking; if I don't wanna cook, you know somethings seriously wrong. What first ignited my passion for cooking was my parents; I felt it was the best way to connect with them, and now I work as a Chef at a little Cafe in Chico called The Roost owned by my Aunt, and I'm also a Chef at a restaurant in Chico called Franky's. Cooking with new challenges is a quest I've enjoyed conquering. Before Saxon and I started dating, I was in a rut with cooking, especially in my profession. When we started dating, I found out I had to research and get creative again, it gave me a profound inspirational push and re-ignited my love for cooking. 

Have any challenges/requests for recipes/substitutions, etc? Subscribe below and then send us an email with your request.

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