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Easy S'mores Cake

Serving size: 7 pieces

Prep Time: 15

Bake time: 25 minutes

FREE OF: gluten, dairy, soy, coconut, banana, seeds, lime, fish, cauliflower, peanut, hazelnut, animal product free (aka vegan)



  • Chocolate cake mix (we used Creative Nature Chocolate Cake mix)

  • 1 cup almond milk

  • 1/3 cup olive oil

  • marshmallows of choice

  • Gram crackers of choice (we used Nairns)

  • Hot fudge (recipe below or use store bought)


  1. Set oven to 350 degrees

  2. Combine mix, olive oil, and almond milk

  3. For 2 layer cake, pour half into a 4 inch cake pan and the other half in another 4 inch cake pan

  4. Bake for 25 minutes

  5. Let cool on a cooling rack

  6. Once cool, carefully flip the cake pans over to release the cake

  7. Set base layer on cake stand or chosen surface

  8. Pour hot fudge over the cake

  9. Put as many marshmallows as you want over it and use torch to roast or you can individually roast them over your kitchen gas stove... or a candle if you're desperate

  10. Break up or crush gram crackers and sprinkle them over the marshmallows

  11. Place second cake layer on top carefully and gently push down to solidify it's position

  12. Repeat the steps again and you're finished!




  • 1/4 dark cocoa powder

  • 2/3 cup cashew milk

  • 1/2 cup dark corn syrup or honey

  • 1 cup dark chocolate chips

  • 1 Tbsp vanilla extract

  • 2 Tbsp. vegan butter


  1. In a small sauce pan put all ingredient in except the chocolate chips

  2. Let simmer for 5 minutes

  3. Add in chocolate chips

  4. Turn off heat

  5. As it sits, it gets thicker, but you can just put it straight on the cake if you want

  6. Save the rest in the fridge for ice cream night!


Story behind the recipe:

Creative Nature reached out to us and wanted to see what we could do with their chocolate cake mix! Being that they are so allergy friendly we had to give it a try. We are so happy to be able to share a new allergy friendly company with you that's spreading fast. They started in the UK and now they are in the US as well! You can find them online on their website, on Amazon, or even in some limited stores.

What's going around right now? S'mores cake. You've probably seen it and we wanted to give it a try. It just sounded delectable, and the perfect summer cake. Bonus tip: this cake is actually really good cold. We put it in the fridge because ya know... we're only two people and this could feed 7... and Allergy Girl liked this cake even better cold! "Brings out more of the flavor" she says.

Easy way to impress anyone! This cake is super easy to make, and it turns out beautiful even though it's so messy! Something about this cake is just gorgeous in it's chaos and instead of stressing over piping a cake or decorating it, why not make a fun mess instead and have the same level of delicious beauty. When you make it, be sure to send in your pictures to us or tag us in your picture! Tags:

Instagram- @allergy_girl_and_the_chef

Pinterest, Facebook, & Tiktok- @allergygirlandthechef)

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