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Oreo Frappuccino

Serving size: 1

Prep Time: 5 minutes

FREE OF: gluten, dairy, tomato, coconut, seeds, fish, soy, cauliflower, peanut, animal product free (aka vegan!)


  • 4 gluten free Oreo's

  • 6 frozen cubes of cashew milk

  • 1 cup of Silk almond vanilla creamer

  • 1/2 cup-1 cup of cold coffee (we used Kona's mocha macadamia, but you can use any)

  • 1/3 Cup bitter sweet chocolate chips


  1. Put all ingredients in the blender

  2. Blend until smooth

  3. Put in a cup

  4. We suggest you use a straw!

  5. Enjoy!


Story behind the recipe:

As someone with allergies, do you ever go out to get a blended drink and you just roll your eyes and get annoyed with your choices on the menu? It's so easy to miss out on all the delicious options on the menu that everyone freaks out about and then you have to watch your friends or family enjoy it and you hear it and see it all the time from advertisements. It's depressing!

Allergy girl decided it couldn't be that hard to make something like an Oreo frapp. So she just threw a bunch of stuff together and hoped for the best. The result did NOT disappoint. It's simply addicting and so easy to make!

If you like it more sweet and want it extra creamy, add in about 1/3 a cup of vegan Truwhip (frozen as is) or your whip of choice. If you like it less sweet, do dark chocolate chips instead of bitter sweet, and you can even swap out the vanilla creamer for cashew milk. If you like strong coffee or more caffeine do the 1 cup of coffee or just use straight up 2-3 shots of espresso.

It's essential no matter what though that your coffee is cold otherwise you won't get that blended frozen feel. This should make a small frapp, so if you want a large or to make 2 small then just double the recipe. Make sure to take a picture and send it to us or tag us so we can see how happy you are with your homemade frappucino!

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