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Vanilla Milkshake

Serving size: 2 small milkshakes

Prep Time: 5 minutes

FREE OF: gluten, dairy, tomato, coconut, seeds, fish, soy, cauliflower, nut option (see "alternatives"), animal product free (aka vegan!)

Vanilla milkshake


  • 1/4 cup vanilla frosting

  • 1/3 cup cashew milk

  • 1 full ice cube tray of cashew milk

  • 1 Tbsp vanilla


  1. Fill a ice cube tray with cashew milk and freeze

  2. Put all ingredients in a blender

  3. Blend till smooth

  4. Add toppings if you'd like (see suggestions below)

  5. Enjoy!



If you need a nut alternative, get GF oat milk. It should have the same consistency as cashew pretty much and won't be overly sweet.

Topping suggestions:

Dark chocolate sauce or hot fudge





Smash Mallow marshmallow (they have endless flavors, aim for dark/not as sweet flavors)



Oreo cookies


Story behind the recipe:

Can't stress just how important it is that you use cashew milk (or oat). It's essential for 2 reasons... One, if you use any other milk it's gonna be WAY TOO SWEET. Two, it makes the perfect consistency and taste. If you use almond milk or rice milk or soy milk the consistency will be more like an icy, and as mentioned, insanely too sweet.

There are so many possibilities with this milkshake, but it's great to start with the classics. If you're not as into sweet, you'll probably want to lower the amount of frosting by a little. Vanilla milkshakes are usually pretty sweet so it's important to start with the maximum perfection and then you get to decide how far you want to take your treat. If you like sweetness though, treat yourself!

Comment below at the bottom of the page what your favorite milkshake topping is and be sure to heart the recipe on your way down there too! Hope you enjoy and have fun! Be sure to tag us in any pictures of your milkshake adventures!

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